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Holy hankies.... seeking to serve the survivors of human trafficking

Welcome to Holy hankies! i am blessed you found us and pray you feel God's Love while here.


Order 30 hankies and receive wholesale pricing and free shipping

Holy hankies exists to fulfill the call God placed on my heart… to tell a hurting world of God's Infinite Love and to edify those already blessed with this Truth. A large part of the hurting world i speak of includes those trapped in human trafficking, which is estimated to generate $7 billion every year. The United Nations currently estimates that between 500,000 to 2 million people are trafficked annually into situations including prostitution, forced labour, slavery or servitude. i have a burning desire in my soul to serve the survivors of human trafficking.  While Holy hankies actively supports ministries involved in the rescue and rehabilitation of those who have endured the unthinkable, i need to do more. For this reason, i am offering wholesale pricing and free shipping to anyone who purchases just 30 hankies!  To establish your access to wholesale pricing create an account and then e-mail us at  wholesale@holyhankies.com and we will do what we need to do on our end so that the only pricing you see will be wholesale pricing!


Beautiful handkerchiefs Designed by you, Embroidered individually, and Detailed by hand

Choose from 20 styles of Lady's and Gentleman's handkerchiefs, then make your embroidery selection from over 100 designs! You can also create your own design using your chosen Scripture Reference. Or let us help you create your own design by digitizing your Ministry or business logo. The corner of each hankie is embroidered by machine, individually to ensure a quality that honors God and respects your Christian sentiment; then each hankie is detailed by hand to remove any loose threads or stabilizer remnants. Your hankie is then sent to our office for ironing, prayer, packaging and shipping - ready for you to give as a gift or keep for yourself.

i invite you to discover your next family heirloom or treasured gift amid a charming assortment of Lady's and Gentleman's handkerchiefs, Wine hankies, and an inspiring collection of Christian symbols and Scripture References.


Holy hankies... your resource for Christian gifts

If you are celebrating a baptism or eulogizing a loved one, Holy hankies requests the honor of being present.

Holy hankies are perfect for those attending Christian Retreats and as table favors for events and celebrations.

If you are seeking to honor your Pastor, Pastoral staff, volunteers, donors or business associates, then you will find a Holy hankie that will be a lasting token of your respect and appreciation. Christian television and radio programmers may also wish to pay homage to their viewers/listeners with a Holy hankie embroidered with their Ministry logo. i would appreciate the opportunity to explore another avenue with   Holy hankies - our Christian schools - whether they are preschools, Universities or Seminaries.

We look forward to helping your business attract Christian events and trade shows by working with Convention and Visitors Bureaus, and event centers and local accommodations. Holy hankies as a table favor or included in a gift bag will assist you in attracting and maintaining Christian-centered Ministries and businesses to your venue.


Unique Wine hankies only available for embroidery here

i am also excited to celebrate the first miracle Jesus Christ performed with our Wine hankie, outlining the moment when water turned to wine. We have also made this particular Wine hankie available for embroidery with a beautiful monogram. Or consider having us embroider your vineyards’ logo -  it would make for an unforgettable tasting room souvenir! These Wine hankies are also the perfect accompaniment for restaurants and businesses who host wine tasting events.


Holy hankies supports Missionaries


                                        Jesus Loves You embroidered in Spanish             Conchita with Missionary Austin Nickel


Please do not leave us without seeing the impact Holy hankies had on a recent Mission trip to Bogotá, Colombia. Testimonies and pictures can be found on our Jesus page.

It is my prayer that a Holy hankie will be a source of spiritual inspiration and comfort for anyone who holds one. i pray your time spent with Holy hankies results in a closer relationship with Jesus Christ!

Please note: i do not capitalize the letter i; i do this to honor my God, Who reminded me once i am not as important as i would like to think.


Holy hankies.... seeking to be the answer to someone's prayer.

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